Leedon Park, Singapore

Leedon Park, Singapore
We want to show how an idea, in the mind of an architect, can develop into an architectural reality.

About Atelier East

Atelier East is a master planning, architectural and interior design practice. Established in 1990 by the firm’s principal partner, Mr Setyadi Ongkowidjaja, Atelier East has worked on several projects ranging from new and refurbishment, space planning and interior design, with special emphasis on residential, resort and school projects. Although its headquarters is in Singapore, much of our work is located in other parts of Asia, primarily Indonesia.

Design Frontiers, Client Satisfaction and Progressive Innovation

Over the past 20 years we have sought to develop the skills and organisation to tackle design within our informal task force where professionalism and individual talent are encouraged. It is our aim to be perceived as an award-winning and innovative firm. Innovation is the hallmark of quality design and in keeping up with this, we have acquired a highly skilled staff and an up-to-date computerised (CAD) system.

The logo

Atelier East Logo Enlarge

Within its simple design, each point of the equilateral triangle of the Atelier East’s logo represents the delicate relationship between the Client, Contractor and Architect that bears the foundation of successful results hence the eternal triangle, where equality, communication and understanding are paramount. A triangle depicts logical and rational thinking, a solid structure conveying reliability. The colour Yellow symbolises knowledge and eastern royalty. Furthermore, the letters A for Atelier and E for East can be identified within.

The Team


Setyadi Ongkowidjaja

Partner (Architecture)

Setyadi Ongkowidjaja, Partner (Architecture)

Mr Setyadi Ongkowidjaja was born on 10 October 1957 in Bandung, Indonesia. He obtained his architectural degrees from the Victoria University of Manchester where he was awarded runner-up for the Laurie Rossant Prize. He spent eleven years in the UK. Quality residential, resort, school and hotel projects that he has designed can be found in the UK, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and China. In Singapore, he designed the British Council Library and participated in the architectural competition for the Tanglin Trust Senior School. A Singapore Permanent Resident since 1987, Ongkowidjaja, who is a ballroom dance enthusiast and was a marathon runner, has served on several Southeast Asia’s architecture, interiror design and landscape design juries, including the prestigious Singapore Young Architect of the Year Award 1994, chaired by Lord Norman Foster.

Presently Ongkowidjaja serves as a member of the Publication Sub-committee of the Singapore Institute of Architects and represents the Institute in the International Union of Architects (UIA) Work Program on Heritage.

Rachel Tay Lengtai

Partner (Interior Design)

Rachel Tay Lengtai, Partner (Interior Design)

Rachel, a British Citizen, has a BA (Architectural Studies) and B Arch in Architecture from the National University of Singapore. She joined Atelier East in 1990 where she has been directly involved in the design, design development and contract administration of various interior design projects. Prior to joining Atelier East, Rachel worked on various residential and commercial projects and took part in a hospital design competition. Rachel’s expertise is in the selection of the appropriate soft furnishing, furniture, colours, lighting and decoration that will make a house transformed into a home.

Rachel enjoys sharing about music, art and culture with young people and volunteers her time to teach in the Sunday School at her local church.


  • Chong Yean Hing
  • Joe Mission
  • Simon Sim
  • Sam Lok

Selected consultants we have worked with include:

  • Arup Singapore, Barton Associates Pte Ltd
  • C S Toh & Son & Associates Consultancy
  • Conteem Engineers Pte Ltd
  • Davies Langdon & Seah
  • DE Consultants (S) Pte Ltd
  • Duffill Watt
  • Ecoplan
  • EDAW (San Francisco)
  • Franklin+Andrews Pte Ltd
  • K P Koh Consultants
  • KPK Quantity Surveyors
  • Martin Lee Designs
  • M H Yii Consultants and Y P Chee & Associates

Atelier East works in association with Atelier Design Architects and Atelier East Interiors.

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